The Electric Truck Project

John Palmerlee

Ellen Setchko Palmerlee

Santa Rosa

You've been owned - Monday Oct.29, 2012
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Going Electric!

A dream project for John, Ellen, and the environment...
How did this project get started?

It has been our longtime dream to drive a zero emission vehicle. At first we considered converting a Toyota Camry that we owned, but it wasn't quite the perfect fit for an electric conversion. After some research, we found this red Toyota truck and decided it would be a great fit. The engine wasn't working, but the body and other parts were in pretty good condition. So we made the decision to buy our soon-to be electric truck
  - - - -
Well... the truck really runs! We sold the bed on Craig's list and replaced it with a battery box and 4x5' flatbed that has now carried many loads of compost around Santa Rosa (half a yard each!). Please enjoy the site and contact us with comments or stories from your end of the EV world. We've driven 7,500 miles now in 2 and a half years.
  - - - -
Many thanks go to the North Bay Electric Auto Association ( for advice, support, comradship and some free parts!